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Thursday, October 11, 2018


Simply Amazing!


Welcome to TDT’s 2017-18 season, featuring bold new creations, exciting remounts and a coast-to-coast tour of Canada, as well as a tour of two cities in Colombia, South America.

In 1968, three forward-thinking dance artists – Patricia Beatty, David Earle and Peter Randazzo – came together to establish a company and school that changed the face of Canadian dance. By encouraging innovation and collaboration, and acquiring a permanent home for the two organizations, they planted seeds for the creation of a vast repertoire of Canadian works – almost 500 at last count – and the development of generations of dancers and choreographers.

TDT continues to be an incubator for the development of dance artists, from emerging to senior, as shown by this year’s Glass Fields program at the Fleck Dance Theatre, by our second Emerging Voices Project, and by our special partnership with Toronto Heritage Dance.

We have toured across Canada since our inception and performed in many of the great cities of the world including New York, London, Beijing, Tokyo, Seoul, Mumbai, Berlin and Mexico City. In this anniversary year, we travel to three cities in Colombia and perform in eleven Canadian cities coast to coast.

Fifty years later, Toronto is a radically different city than it was in 1968. The company reflects the city back to itself by celebrating the power of community, the importance of critical engagement and the many ways that live performance can change our dialogue with the world.

We have much to celebrate! None of it would be possible, this year or in the past, without the support of legions of donors, funders, volunteers, staff members and artists, and the love and attention of the audience. Here’s to the wonderful people that have made this work possible, to the past and present, and to the next fifty years of performance!

– Christopher House

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